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Shi‘i Islam: Origins, Faith and Practices by Dr Mohammad A. Shomali (London: Islamic College for Advanced Studies, 2003 & 2010)

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176 pages

“Muslims are divided into two major groups: the majority is called Sunni and the second Shi‘ite. What are the common features in virtue of which both groups are said to follow the religion of Islam? What are the fundamental differences in doctrine and practice between these two groups? Such questions are answered clearly and intelligently in this book by a Shi‘ite theologian and philosopher. This book will be of interest to students of Islam and of religious studies generally.” (Dr. M. Legenhausen)
“Dr Shomali has written a concise and scholarly introduction to the distinctive teachings of Shi‘i Islam, its cultural and intellectual as well as doctrinal features, its historical unfolding and contemporary situation. He is to be congratulated on his achievement.” (Prof. H. Algar, University of California, Berkeley)

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