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Learning Spirituality from Imam Husayn | A Commentary on Du'a 'Arafah

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221 Pages

"There are a very few that can match the depth of Du'a 'Arafah of Imam Husayn. Whatever secrets there are about tawhid, knowing God, the truth, 'ubudiat, and the reality of existence are mentioned in this du'a. The du'a is very comprehensive yet very concise. The text is not easy to understand as the Imam was in a very special state and only his companions were around him." Ayatullah Shojaei (the student of Allamah Tabatabai.)

We hope this commentary helps you unlock the beautiful gems reserved in the du'a for those who come to it with an open heart. This du'a can change your life, and fill your moments with God's presence and love. All it asks for is your attention.

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