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Risalat Institute

Dictionary of Shi'a Islam (Hardback)

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540 pages

This is a Deluxe Edition with quality paper, colour texts and hard binding.

Dictionary of Shi‘a Islam is a reference work, offering an overview of the beliefs, theological notions, practices, history and influential figures within the Shi‘a community. Recent decades have witnessed a surge of interest in studying Shi‘a Islam, both in academia and among the general public. This dictionary serves as an essential resource for scholars, students and anyone seeking to learn about this branch of Islam.
Dictionary of Shi‘a Islam contains 1,328 entries. In the absence of any similar work in English, or even Arabic and Farsi, these entries have been carefully selected by a team of scholars as the most important issues related to Shi‘a Islam. Entries include major doctrines, key figures, practices, rituals, sects, tribes, dynasties, books, events and places. Figures include the Prophet, the Imams and other members of his household, companions of the Prophet and Imams, narrators of hadith and Shi‘a scholars of different fields such as exegetes, jurists, theologians, philosophers, mystics, historians, scientists, along with politicians, historians and poets.

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